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Emily Nussdorfer, MA, BC-DMT

Welcome to LifeDance® with Emily! After ten years of providing empowerment opportunities for Philadelphia teen girls through dance and the performing arts with our Girls on the Move® program, Moving Creations Inc, is closing, and I am now opening up a new chapter of service through LifeDance® with Emily.  As an academy registered dance movement therapist,  shamanic movement practioner through SpiritGateways®, and researcher of the healing effects of dance on individuals, groups and communities,  I have been developing specialized therapy and coaching services, workshops and courses that offer a blending of movement-based psychotherapy and shamanic healing modalities since 2006. I am excited to offer a collective compilation of these services with the community at this time!

Although my non-profit company, Moving Creations Inc, ( is closing, the Girls on the Move® program will be developing in a new territory, the written word.  I plan to publish a series of articles about our groundbreaking work with girls in Philadelphia, and my first effort is available now! I have written a chapter on the healing power of dance, that features Girls on the Move® in a book of essays on the role of the arts in society, titled, "Community Art, Creative Approaches to Practice," edited by Jill Chodony, and published by Common Ground Publishing in 2014. Currently available on Amazon, as well as the publisher's website: The Arts in Society, a book series by Common Ground Publishing » Community Art: Creative Approaches to Practice. My Chapter (8) is titled "Dance as Internal Alchemy, The Healing Power of Expressive Movement."




I have a passionate interest in multi-cultural fairy tales and myth, the alchemical healing potential within the process of artistic creation, and the transformative effects of the arts and creativity in rites of passage. I am excited to offer a series of courses, workshops and services to children, youth, adults and elders that combine these elements and provide opportunities for participants to bond, play, creatively self-express, share ways of knowing and growing, and experience empowerment and upliftment. I have developed this collection of offerings first during my years as a teaching artist with children and youth; and later within the context of my dance movement therapy work with a wide range of populations. In addition, I have drawn from personal shamanic studies into the spiritual dimensions of dance and its therapeutic applications.  I look forward to sharing these services with you now through LifeDance® with Emily


I am very proud of what we accomplished with Girls on the Move® during its ten year run,  and am so grateful for the significant contributions to the program's success from talented artists, board members, volunteers and donors! Below please find links to learn more about the girls we worked with and their creative efforts; the artists who inspired the girls to become leaders; and our impact upon the girls' lives and their impact on ours.  Also listed below is some of my early research into the therapeutic uses of the creative arts in transforming trauma and empowering  youth, and a current teaching project. More writtings to come on our work with Girls on the Move®, so stay tuned! For now enjoy the pallate below!













Please feel free to contact me if you would like further information! You can book a free consultation with me about any of the services I am offering, here: 


Founder Notes

Emily Nussdorfer, MA, BC-DMT, is a clinically trained, board certified dance/movement therapist and certified Spirit Gateways ® Movement Healing practioner trained by Iana Lahi.  She has over 20 years experience performing and teaching dance and theater and 15 years of providing dance-movement therapy services. As a visionary activist, she views the creative and performing arts as vehicles for inner transformation, self-liberation, and self-actualization.

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