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What people are saying about LifeDance®with Emily

Life Dance® Coaching & Classes

"Experiencing Life Dance®  coaching with Emily is more than just dance. Through movement and meditation techniques, Emily encouraged the unveiling of my inner source of calm and revitalization. She respectfully addressed sensitive issues through gentle guidance and created a specialized plan-of-action to help me overcome some of my difficulties. Her teachings moved beyond the classroom into my daily life enhancing my mood, improving my posture, and reducing my stress."


Lula J, Graphic Designer, Philadelphia, PA


"I felt very refreshed and more grounded after each successive private Life Dance® session with Emily. The work with Emily helped me to get stronger in my body. Emily’s rich palate of music, and fun and creative style of personalized instruction was wonderfully helpful. I loved the rounding up of the sessions with her beautiful guided meditations, which gave time to integrate the more vigorous work.


Emily’s own connectedness in her body is inspiring to see and follow and the wealth of her moving experience allows her to create a never boring menu for her students. Emily’s passion, skills and sensitivity are outstanding."


Zoana G-M., Reiki Master, Alexander practitioner, Philadelphia, PA


Crystal Dancing


"I love dancing with Emily and the crystal dance workshop was a deeply moving experience for me!  Connecting to earth energy through crystals, movement, mudras and poetry helped me find a quiet centered space within me that continued to support me for weeks following the experience.  Crystal dance is great if seasonal changes are particularly difficult as they can be for me on an energetic level.  What a blessed gift to give yourself or a loved friend!"  

Karen D. Psychotherapist, Bucks County, PA


"I have a strong interest in crystals, yoga, and dance, and Emily has created a unique program that incorporates all of these aspects of healing into a dynamic combination that energizes the body and calms the mind.  The workshops made me aware of the areas in my body that remained disconnected for years as a result of multiple surgeries.  Through the movements, mudras, and breathwork with the crystals I felt whole again in a very powerful way, and I was able to release the trauma of the surgeries I had been holding onto for so long and gain mental and emotional strength during that process. I wholeheartedly recommend Emily's workshops to anyone who is in need of nurturing, strength, and healing."


Carolyn K, MT-BC, Board-Certified Music Therapist, Certified Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, Philadelphia, PA


“Emily’s nurturing and loving spirit embraces all participants. She creates through her workshop a safe place where there is no judgment or ego, a place where you can allow yourself to be transparent in your process knowing that you are surrounded with Love.  I would encourage anyone who desires to be more in alignment with their higher calling and also to those who desire to explore a deeper side of their being, to experience Emily’s Crystal Dancing workshop. You will learn that the path one follows is a magical dance. Emily’s workshop will change your life - it did mine!”


Mike C, Independent Rep at Forever Green, Maryland


Story Dance with Children

"I wanted to get in touch and say how joyful I am that my daughter LOVES your Story Dance classes and has found such an opening in the sharing you do. She feels safe with you as she has no other adult in a class. She never likes classes or being dropped off. She is happy to tell us to drop her off and go when it's you. :-)  Major gratitude, dear one, for all that you do and are, from one happy mama."


Sheila P, mom, child educator, Elkins Park, PA


"Thanks for the class last week – my son has been obsessed with the music from "In the Hall of the Mountain King" ever since. He has watched the Berlin Philharmonic playing it on youtube about a hundred times now. A great introduction to great music!"


Sondra T, mom, music teacher, Philadelphia, PA


Life Dance® with Elders


"Emily is an absolute extraordinary spirit in my life… With her wonderful music and skillful guidance, we changed from strangers alone with movement challenges to becoming a group of people working together uplift each other and help our bodies grow stronger through dance. Emily’s joyful spirit guides and carries us through as we work through the different movement challenges in our bodies and find a way to have fun and feel better. She helps each of us pay attention to what we each need to be doing with our bodies to keep going despite our physical handicaps. Her work just picks us up and we are happy to keep on going because of her."


Bob Brockman, architect, MS Survivor


Dancing with the Goddess


"I feel freedom, and also very feminine"

Ericka B, Rider University


"I feel like a child, but also a beautiful woman too"

Crystal H, senior technical designer, urban outfitters


"I felt that I was able to reach out of where I was into new realms"

Anne Marie B, Chester County, PA


"It was wonderful! I felt opened up to explore new ways of self expression"

Corrine W, Chester County, PA


"I really enjoyed Emily's workshop; she has such a light, pure spirit."
 Wendy H, Chester County, PA


"I really needed the break out of the pace of life to stop and let someone carry me on a journey. Emily’s skill as a facilitator, and her knowledge, presence and great energy helped me touch my commitment to be my true self, and stand in the truth and honoring of what and who I am.


Kitty H., Cape May, NJ


 Dancing with Nature

Emily is divinely and intimately connected to nature and trees.  She can help put you more in touch with your own spiritual connection to the woods. She incorporates many traditions into her teaching and combines her knowledge with her own passionate and lovely style. 


Susan Bash, Social Worker, Philadelphia, PA


"Emily Nussdorfer's MALT (Mount Airy Learning Tree) class Dancing with Nature was very inspiring because it raised our awareness about the power and beauty of nature we can connect with on a regular basis. This is all the more important in our culture which has a nature deficit disorder. It was wonderful to slow down and explore the different qualities of water along the Wissahickon Creek. I enjoyed learning the Hawaiian martial arts mantras and movements. Emily also taught us about the unique gifts of trees in different earth honoring traditions. She is an enthusiastic teacher and researches her topics to have excellent handouts. I highly recommend her for future classes."

Renate Woesser, political organizer, Germany


Embodied Education Residency,
Bryn Mawr College
, PA


"Emily is a  masterful facilitator and her vibrant energy, authority, and skill allowed the students to find new strengths within themselves and their community. "


Alice Lesnick, PHD, Director, Bryn Mawr/Haverford College Education Program, PA


" Emily really pushed me out of my comfort zone and brought in movement in a way I had never thought to use or even see as incredibly valid before. I feel like I gained some tools in my toolbox for working with kids and that's really exciting for me."

Colleen Cumberpatch, Senior Psychology Major, Haverford College, PA

Founder, Emily Nussdorfer, MA, BC-DMT


Emily Nussdorfer, MA, BC-DMT, is a clinically trained, board certified dance/movement therapist and certified Spirit Gateways ® Movement Healing practioner trained by Iana Lahi.  She has over 20 years experience performing and teaching dance and theater and 15 years of providing dance-movement therapy services. As a visionary activist, she views the creative and performing arts as vehicles for inner transformation, self-liberation, and self-actualization.


Please contact me below if you seek further information about LifeDance® Services and would like to book a free consultation .

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