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            LifeDance® workshops invite you on a physical journey through the heart into an experience of union with your body and soul that is grounded in connection with the elements of nature, and all of life. 

Crystal Dancing

A healing and revitalizing journey through the chakras using crystals, mudras and improvisational dance awaits you. This alchemical moving experience is often accompanied by emotional release, increases in perception and insight, a heightened sense of bliss, and a great appreciation for the mineral kingdom. Dance into the vastness of your Self in a nurturing space free of judgement or critism.  



Dancing with Nature

Meditative movement rituals in beautiful outdoor settings bring participants into a closer connection with the natural world and themselves. Indigenous shamanic movement practices from around the world honoring nature are cited and eplored to increase conciousness of our universal spiritual connection to the earth. 

Dancing with the Goddess

Through a sensitively facilitated, unfolding process, from ancient divine feminine traditions transmitted through the ages, the energetic centers of the body are awakened, and divine shakti energy is moved throughout the body. This flowing movement meditation often ignites bliss, wonder, radiance, healing and balance in body, mind and spirit. 

Mudra Dancing & the Light Alignments

A deeper exploration of our body's spiritual circuitry through chakra opening and connecting expressive movement processes and meditations that anchor them. If you have been seeking the freedom of dancing in your inner temple, and a chance to get closer to the guidance from source within you, this is your workshop!

Please feel free to contact me in the message box below if you would like to discuss setting up a LifeDance® workshop in your location, place of employment, agency,  school, etc... or simply have further questions and would like a chance to speak with me directly. I look forward to hearing from you!

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