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Heal, Transform & Empower


LifeDance® services include private individual therapy, EMDR/IFS intensives, dance movement and expressive arts therapy,  mindfulness skill building and nature therapy. We also offer specialized expressive movement workshops;  i.e.  IFS based workshops on Intimacy and boundary healing when recovering from abuse;  or body based - self realization workshops, utilizing healing mudras and meridian exploration; or guided experiences in nature to explore and expand one's spiritual awareness, insight and embodied connection. Upcoming offerings to include Equine Therapy services. 

These services are designed to help participants develop skills to release stress and psychological/spiritual or physical burdens and experience upliftment, insight and empowerment in their lives. LifeDance® services blend psychological healing with mindfulness skill building and creativity development to promote sustainable and inspirational health and wellness.

Revitalize & Uplift


In this time of extraordinary stress and excess stimulus to our nervous systems; having tools that help us to center and ground ourselves in the present moment and release  destructive tensions is necessary in order to preserve our health.  Neuroscientist Candace Pert in her book, The Molecules of Emotion, writes about the powerful impact of emotions upon the health of our physical bodies.  LifeDance®with Emily stimulates consciousness of that connection with revitalizing processes and uplifting experiences that provide participants the opportunity to transform stress and negative emotions into usable, creative and positive energy, and develop wholeness, health and inner peace.



Embody your Joy
Live your Passion


Life is movement. Movement is Life. We are all dancers in this magical mystery called Life.   How we dance is what makes our journey one of endless growth and development or one of suffering. We have within us alchemical tools to transmute suffering and uplift and enlighten our lives. With every inhale and every exhale we have the power to change our pain into wisdom and become renewed...

Life Dance® services are not just for "dancers," but for all people searching to feel at home in their bodies, no matter what challenges may be present to movement on any level in their lives. Our "moving" experiences are tailored to meet your needs and goals, and offer you the opportunity to feel and discover the voice of your soul within, the unbound passion of your heart,  and the beauty and harmony of your physical body.

 About LifeDance® with Emily         

Emily Nussdorfer, MA, LPC, BC-DMT

Emily Nussdorfer, MA, BC-DMT 
Founder’s Notes 


Emily Nussdorfer, MA, LPC, BC-DMT, is a clinically trained, board certified dance/movement therapist and certified Spirit Gateways ® Movement Healing practitioner trained by Iana Lahi.  She has over 20 years experience performing and teaching dance and theater and 20 years of providing therapy and dance-movement therapy services. As a visionary healer, she views the creative and performing arts as vehicles for inner transformation, self-liberation, and self-actualization.

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