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 Life Dance Therapy Services

      It takes courage to heal. If you place your trust in me, we will work together to help you

develop tools uniquely suited to you, to transform past pain and suffering

into wisdom, empowerment and joyful purpose.

I welcome you into a safe haven, where your desires and needs are heard and cared for,

and you have the support and time you need to move and express

in the space of unlimited possibility in yourself, and heal, grow and strengthen! 

I welcome people of all sexual, gender, cultural and spiritual orientations,

and look forward to meeting you! 

In our therapy sessions, I use a gender and culturally sensitive, integrative and collaborative approach;  meeting clients where they are in their connection to their body, mind and spirit - and assist them in opening up to the creative process as healing force. Often cultural and family lineage burdens emerge and have a safe and honoring place to be seen, processed and integrated. From this deep work often comes a passionate new sense of purpose. 

Individual Therapy Sessions

Are you seeking to find relief from past pain and the courage and positive energy needed to recharge your life? Trauma experiences can have a crippling effect on the mind and body, causing depression, anxiety, rage reactions, grief, addiction, and other distressing symptoms. I offer a warm and safe space for you to unpack your burdens, and experience genuine and lasting relief. With over 20 years of combined experience in trauma therapy, expressive movement therapy, and mindfulness, I will guide you in developing practical tools to transform the immobilizing effects of trauma, PTSD and chronic stress so that you can move forward.


Movement therapy helps relieve stress and stuck energies through mobilization of life affirming positive energy and somatic awareness. IFS and EMDR therapy provide pathways to release stuck trauma responses so that we can move forward with strength rather than fear. Mindfulness helps us develop a peaceful and compassionate relationship with all our emotions so that we can create lasting positive change in our lives. Nature therapy provides contemplative, grounding experiences in the present moment  that help us integrate all that we are healing; offering us peace, soothing, opportunities for insight and inspiration, and relief from stress and inner turmoil. 

Dance Movement Therapy 

 The body remembers what the mind forgets. When healing from trauma it is important to work with the whole system: body - mind and spirit. Movement therapy can allow for new energies in the system to help release past pain and open to new ways of understanding and accepting all of ourselves.  We learn to access our courage and gain the strength to move forward in life in an integrated way.   

Each session has a warm up, mobilization and cool down structure, and can utilize a range of supportive modalities such as:  Authentic Movement, music, expressive play,  expressive art, creative visualization, imagery, mythic metaphor, mythic astrology, mindfulness meditative processes and/or  deep breath work. within an IFS, Jungian and strengths based framework.   Drawing from the creative and expressive modalities that are best suited for each client,  I guide clients to discover and name the parts of themselves that need to have a voice, be seen, and validated;  and provide them a safe place to express, release and transform painful past experiences into wisdom, self compassion, and self esteem.   We will work together to help you find your treasure in the present moment - to experience the magic, beauty and wonder of who you really are.

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